Monday, August 10, 2009

Dissent Is Patriotic...Except When You Dissent Against Us

In the last few days we have been treated on one of the greatest absurdities in politics. For decades liberals have used the protest as one of their primary political tools. A few years ago then Senator Hillary Clinton championed the patriotism of dissent when it was dissent against President Bush’s policies. Now we are treated to Speaker of the House Pelosi’s claim that those protesting the Democrats health care bill working its way through the House as un-American. At one point in a video taped segment she accuses her opponents of bringing swastikas to the meetings. Others have referred to them as mobs.

It seems our community organizer president and his liberal allies don’t like to be on the receiving end of some of their own tactics. Furthermore, they are now charging that the opposition to government health care is some organized effort by the insurance companies. Of course it is very hard for any reasonable person to see how the insurance companies could illicit such passion in a rent-a-mob. A far more reasonable interpretation of what we are seeing is a reaction of people, we a large proportion of senior citizens, to a clear threat to the high quality health care they now have.

No doubt there is some coordination behind the turnout but as the saying goes: “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” If there weren’t real grass roots commitment you wouldn’t get that response no matter what level of organization was involved. More specifically you would get it from the senior demographic. Democratic spokesman can spin it however they like but the elected officials know they are facing some serious opposition. The plan to slash $500 billion from Medicare over the next ten years coupled with fears of rationing threatens to turn the seniors against the bill.