Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where Is The AARP?

Where is the AARP? Weren’t they the “gray panthers” that would fight “tooth and claw” for the interests of senior citizens? So for over a year Democrats and Republicans have cutout 16% of the tax base that supports their member social security checks. But, not a peep from the vaunted AARP! Where is all that senior voting power that we have heard about for years? What about that “third rail of politics” that none dared touch?

It seems whatever the core motivations of the AARP, protecting the interests of the retired aren’t that high of a priority. We know that the payroll tax was the price that Republicans had to pay to preserve the top-end of the Bush tax cuts. The payroll cut was pushed primarily by President Obama. It seems re-electing Obama is more important to the AARP than the interests of seniors.

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